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Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN)

Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN) is an innovative and fast-growing group of business-to-business networks.

Established in 2003, our focus is on international independent freight forwarding, shipping and logistics companies.

AIN is now a global leader in this sector.

Currently, there are three networks in the AIN group, each covering specific and unique areas of business. These networks are:

AerOceaNetwork Commercial Cargo

AON is the acknowledged leader in networking for the commercial cargo industry, with many of the best independent freight forwarders in the logistics world as Members.

AON is where you can find ideal partners in the independent forwarding world because we have them all as Members, everywhere, in all of the major markets in the world.

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XLProjects Network Project Cargo

XLProjects Network Project Cargo Member Partners are uniquely qualified in heavy lift handling and transportation, whether by ocean, air or overland.

If it is hard, hazardous, huge, or heavy, XLP Members are on it!

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AiO Logistics Network Multiple Specialty Cargo

AiO Logistics Network Multiple Specialty Cargo – a network that is unique in its approach in that companies join as Member Partners but there are  different sub-groupings for specializations: commercial cargo, project cargo, perishable cargo, international removals cargo, and exhibition / show cargo.

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AIN is the global leader in international business-to-business networking for the logistics industry.
AIN is comprised of a unique group of companies offering a varied array of services and products to help logistics companies around the world to promote themselves and to do business with one another.
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